Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We have a slab!

The slab was laid on Monday and is looking good!

The communication between Allworth and ourselves has been nil since we signed the contracts and so I phoned head office yesterday to see who was 'in charge' of us now construction had started.... they put me on to a lady in the Newcastle office. So I phoned and had a chat with her.... we signed our contracts at home as we could not make it over to the Allworth office during the week and because of this I think we are a little out of the loop... Anyway, during yesterdays phone call I discovered that we will be sent 4 invoices this week and we just have to take each invoice to our bank when Allworth have finished the stage the invoice is for; also found out who our site manager is and that we only have a meeting with him if there are any issues - we can ring him close to lock up to ask if we can come on site and look inside.

Tile place on Friday....

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