Saturday, March 28, 2009


After a trip down to the Central Coast on Friday we have chosen all the tiles for our house. At first we thought it was a nuisance to have to re pick our tiles with another firm, however it turned out all good as we think the new tile place had a better selection.
We chose charcoal grey floors for our bathrooms and laundry and plain white tiles. A strip of grey pebbles will run vertically down the shower. For the porch area we chose a light chocolate looking tile. The kitchen splashback will still be laminate. We'll find out next week how much extra we have to pay for our choices but hopefully it won't be too much!
Not a lot more for me to add - the plumbing in the ground was checked by the council on Thursday and the earth has been filled in and flattened again. We are now waiting for the frame to arrive.....

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