Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lots of action!

It has been a while since I last logged in and lots of things have started happening on the block...

The block has been levelled and the shape of the house has been formed with wood, so we have the foot print of our house! We were lucky with the levelling of the block as we thought they would only level the house pad but for some reason they did most of the block - yey! This has cut down on heaps of work for us later on! Thank you Allworth!

Matt went up to block on Tuesday and as it happened they were doing the piering - it worked out that we only needed 38.6m of piering instead of the 60m that we were quoted for, so we should get at least $1000 back! Good news!

Yesterday the fence and lots of bits and bobs were delivered, we should hopefully have a slab by next week!

We still haven't meet the site supervisor, perhaps we'll give Allworth a call next week to see when/if that will happen.

The only negative thing this week is that we received a letter from head office to say that the tile company has now changed. So our prelimary visit choices are out of the window and we now have to travel to the central coast to a new tile place. We have an appoitment for next Friday, hopefully they will have a better choice than the last place!

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  1. Hi Mez, glad to see they have finally made a start. It seems like forever between contract signing and commencement.

    Will be interested to see if your site supervisor gets and keeps in contact with you. I have never heard from mine and have no idea who it is!

    You never know, the change of tile supplier might be a blessing. I found the other mob didn't have that good a range and a lot of the tiles I could choose from at the preliminary selection were no longer available. They still had them, just no longer available to Allworth customers.

    Good luck with everything. By the way, the link on Homeone to your blog is not correct.